Android emulator on android?

ok, a strange idea crossed my mind… in particular because I find multiuser mode not really interesting the way it’s designed (notifications are not shared on lock screen, if you have an account for private use and work, when you’re on work, there is no information you got an email on private and vice versa…) and more, the work bank app require google apps installed (I will try to produce some log to log a bug on microg)
and what seems fun is that I can install the bank app in android emulator on PC so that it act as authentification device on the same PC :wink: which brings me to this idea… running android emulator on top of /e/os with microg, like this I can install google app on the emulator, with the bank account, controling the data leak… and could do the same for other untrustable app like games, or some “manufacturer” apps (say for example DJI) that I don’t trust…

this would be great because like this when the android emulator that have the work account attached receive some notification, I can see it from the “supervisor” account :wink: and everything is kept “unmixed”

it is possible? (in theory yes)

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