Android file transfer not working (with a Mac)

Hi, if I connect my /e/phone to my Mac with my usb cable, nothing happens.

After a while, this is what I get…

Of course, a bug is a bug, and it must be fixed. But personally, I prefer to do it wirelessly with FTP Server app (it has a great widget for a quick start).

In addition, since you’re a macOS user, you may be interested in KDE Connect + Soduto combo. It’s like Apple’s Continuity, but P2P and open-source.

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May be you’re already test it, but are you verify USB connection mode on your smartphone. I encouter the same message when the USB mode is on Charging mode.
Test transfer file mode.

Good idea, but nope. It’s on MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

is it safe? :slight_smile:

Also: why do I need either KDE Connect on my phone + Soduto on my Mac,
whereas FTP Server on my phone would apparently do the trick all on its own?


Does FTP allow you to sync clipboards between phone and Mac? Or mute death metal in your headphones when someone is trying to call you? Or respond to SMS from yor Mac, typing texts with real keyboard and pasting links from your running Safari? Or display phone’s charge level at the the Mac’s menu bar, along with delivering notifications directly to its notification center?

As I said, KDE Connect + Soduto is similar to Apple Continuity, whereas for file transfer I still prefer FTP server. (All in a trusted WiFi network, which I’m confident enough of.)

This is only good for file transfer: