It’s a Japanese article.But in Japan,Now /e/ is not known by everyone.So I want to introduce /e/ for Japanese users and developer.However I don’t know how it became a famous project.Any solution what you expected?

Hi Kazunari,
it would be great if you could introduce our project to users and developers in Japan.
Our mission is to bring a mobile ecosystem (OS + online services) that is respectful of user’s data privacy, to the masses.
First step is to release a “degoogled” mobile OS yet very attractive to use.
We have released first beta on early September, it can be installed on about 20 devices for now (and counting)
Do you know how to communicate to users and developers in Japan?


Hi,gael.Thank you for your reply.

I already build and flash e-0.1 for hammerhead and it looks great.
In Japan, it is almost the case that you are basically using the OS provided by mobile phone vendors. In addition, unofficial firmware flash by users is blocked on almost all devices. As a result, the use of aftermarket firmware is not prosperous and Japan’s own custom firmware development forum does not exist. Communication between developers basically exists for each device, but they are limited (for example, hammerhead and mako etc.). Therefore, it seems that advertisement on the media is necessary to make / e / famous. And I think it need to translate wiki and all strings on sources into japanese.


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Regarding the ROM, I’m going to connect you with our release-master, so he can explain how to add translated strings to our Gilab repository at
Regarding “advertisement on the media”, it’s not possible for us at the moment because we have not enough financial resources for this. However, maybe you could try to list all medias that could be interested in talking about the /e/ project and user’s data privacy; and how we’re going to make it better for Japanese market, and then try to get in touch with journalists. Very often they are super interested in doing articles about this topic.