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Hi all,
I’m noticing increasing uptake of Apple pay and Google pay on pin machines in stores. Is there an alternative for Android that anyone knows of, for Android, that is not Google? If not, perhaps it is an idea for /e/ to explore this with partners? This will be important to mainstream users I think.

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Everytime you are using such a service, you are paying also with your data.

For what do we need apple pay or google pay. Everyone des have a credit card or EC card with which we are share our data.

It’s the same with ‘customer cards’ and rebate for card holder. You really earn rebate, because you are paying with your data.

Hi Harvey, I agree, that’s why I am wondering if there are any alternatives that are privacy - safe.

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I guess I’m lucky that one of my banks uses their own tap and pay feature built within their app (which I use instead of g-pay) so all my purchase history is contained with just this financial institution and not g00lags spying eyes to see. Maybe try reaching out to your bank and ask or look at other banks who are doing this and swtich to them. I haven’t seen any other way around it as usually most unaware people are begging banks to support apple and g00lag pay.

Which bank is this? And what is the tap and pay feature called?

My credit and debit cards all have tap to pay built in. Tried Google pay when I still used google apps. Was more trouble than just using my card. Had to unlock phone, open app, then tap. With card, I had to open wallet, select card (only 3 in there) and tap. Lets say 5 seconds for card, 20 seconds for Gpay. All first world banks have tap to pay on their cards.

True but @b3pio mentioned that his bank had a tap to pay function in the APP. That’s a whole different story, and may be a useful alternative to Google and Apple pay. I wonder what it was!

This is inside the APP, I just put in my pin to access tap & pay. Ubank is the institution.

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And everyone can hack this … you know ??

@Rik Or just stick one of these on the back of your phone/phone case and put your card of choice in it and you have tap&pay on your phone :joy:


Haha good alternative :slight_smile:I was not asking for myself however - it just seems like this is getting big, so I thought it would be good if /e/ could offer a privacy-safe alternative.


Also, I’m curious about this… As @Rik mentioned, this is getting big, and it’s even bigger now since coronavirus. Need a privacy friendly ttp app…

@Rik @b3pio know of a good wallet app for cards?