Android Keyboard crash

Phone : FP4
/e/OS version : 1.15 but the bug existed before


I should have reported this before as it existed at least in 1.14 but probably in previous version(s). It happens quite regularly (something like once a week) that the keyboard (I’m using basic Android Keyboard, did not install any custom keyboard) does not appear anymore when I click on a text field that would need it.

as workaround, I used to reboot the phone. Now I go to settings/Applications/Android Keyboard, and forces it to stop. It then reworks

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I have the same configuration (FP4, /e/OS version 1.15) and I have the same bug.

Thanks for the workaround - it was really annoying to restart phone whenever my keyboard disappeared.
I’m suffering from this bug periodicaly since at least e/os 1.16. Now on 1.17.
Using Oneplus Nord and Anysoft Keyboard. Switching to other keyboard does not help.

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