Android on an iPhone?! It actually works (a bit)

There is actually really a project porting Android 10 to an iPhone 7. The system seems barely usable yet, but still an interesting idea that /e/ might appear one day for iPhones :slight_smile:

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cool, it’s like mouting a Mercedes engine in a VW Golf :joy: :joy: :joy:


Or putting a VW Golf into a Mercedes engine, that won’t work also. While it takes great technical knowledge, i ask myself why would anybody want to do that? A second hand Iphone 7 still goes for about 140 euro’s on the second hand market. For that money you can buy a decent Android phone (second hand). Maybe for technical challenge.

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Of course, that is what all great android legends live for! :smile:

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cool this is amazing!! I have had an idea before that showing a working version of /e/ on an iphone would be a great way to get noticed by the media!

Other than an interesting experiment I do not see this flashing android on an iphone thing becoming popular with the users. Most of the apps will not even work. There is also a post on the web where someone flashed Android on a Windows Lumia phone. There are hardcore iPhone users and Android users. Each happy with their own phone OS. Doubt if they would change sides.


:slight_smile: i think it’s more about the ‘image’ of it; it would draw a lot of attention at a digi forum for example if someone is able to pull this off

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