Android r beta on OnePlus 6 enchilada with glitches --> Qualcomm crashdump

I installed e-0.22-r on an OnePlus 6 enchilada A6003 and set it up.

Unfortunately the contacts app gets stuck with the rotating blue circle and I didn’t have the patience to see if it would complete. It wouldn’t get past that screen.

The phone app couldn’t access contacts or add a new contact.

So I thought “Android 11 on the OnePlus 6 has glitches. Android 10 seemed more stable. Time to downgrade to e-0.22-q.”

Fastboot flashed the recovery-e-0.22-q image and tried to reboot to recovery → Qualcomm crashdump.

After much unsuccessful recovery attempts, I reflashed the recovery-e-0.22-r image and was able to get back to /e.

Am I stuck with a glitchy Android r?

Can I downgrade to Android q? If so, how?

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I reloaded the OnePlus 6 from scratch using the MSMDownload Tool for Windows.

Loaded the Qualcomm driver, downloaded the Oxygen 10.3.8 version of the MSMDownload Tool,

  • unzipped MSMDownloadTool and ran the program
  • put the OnePlus6 into edl mode
  • the MSMDownload Tool started to reformat? and reload the OP6 with Oxygen 10.3.8

Then I went through /e install e-0.22-q procedure —> OP6 on Android 10! Yay!


I just tried to install the latest update resulting in phone also getting stuck at “qualcomm crashdump mode” :frowning:

Not being an expert, but having some experience with the OP6 that I use as my daily phone and have upgraded from Android Pie to the “R beta” version, I would say that you may have the problem of doing an update on an e-os-r installation without coming from a suitable stock rom.

I followed the advice of @chrisrg who managed to upgrade to the “R” version by updating to OxygenOS 11 using the stock update tool and then sideloading the eOS ROM. See the detailed discussion here.

I started from an earlier stock rom and followed advice of @kopap by extracting the various images from a payload bin and it worked perfectly as I have able to update to the very latest and there have been none of the issues evoked in this discussion.

Hope this might help.