Android security patches 👉 Out of dates

On my Samsung S9 SM-G960F (e_starlte-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20230915.084000 dev-keys)
settings > Privacy > Trust

The “shield” icon mention : Android security patches :point_right: Out of dates

Is there anything to worry about?

The message highlights that this “Released 2018” device has a rather old Vendor SPL.

You can check what it actually is:

Settings > About phone > Android version > Vendor Security Patch Level.

This represents the date of the Samsung software revision which you are running.


Thank you @aibd
Vendor Security Patch Level :point_right: “unknown”

I wonder why it reads “Unknown”.

A quick search of your baseband version G960FXXUHFVB4 suggests March 2022.

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