Android T (13) stable for FP4

For a long time there is a dev build for FP4 and Android T (13)

Until now there is no stable yet :frowning:

Do you have information when it will be available?

I’m using 1.17-t-stable-FP4 (it was available for a short time). Will I be able to use the Updater?

In about a month, it should be available:

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A so-called “stable” aka “official” version is only available for very few devices of the total officially supported by /e/OS : 250


  • Are built based on source code from the Community build branch which has been released and tested
  • This build undergoes additional and longer testing cycles
  • Builds are made by /e/OS using the /e/OS build infrastructure and signed by /e/OS stable keys

A so-called “stable” aka “official” is nothing more than “tested” d/e/v builds. I would not overestimate the quality of the build, because the “community” builds usually run just as well.