Annoying deedumdum noise?

I like this OS however every 1min or so my phone makes this deedumdum notification. Its a sad noise. What is it and how can I make it go away?

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Hi @Sam_bris, welcome to the /e/ community forum? Honestly my phone never made a noise like this! Could you explain a bit more please! What phone are you using? Did you install /e/ by yourself? Is it a noise that is related to a specific app?

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Samsung galaxy 9.

Android 8

I installed it myself. It may be an app how would I tell? It makes the noise even with notification sound volume set to 0. Its the same noise Lineage uses for low battery notifications, but it happens apparently randomly whether battery is charged or not

Galaxy S9…

  • So did you use the Easy Installer?
  • Have you used the phone before with the default Android?

Does it appear after a reboot again? Maybe you can check the Android “Task Manager” and kill the active apps after another to exclude the possibility of an app creating that sound. Another idea could be looking at sound preferences, on which events that specific sound occures.

I speculate it is an App/system crash/exception not surfacing to the Display… if you’re able to attach usb and enable debug, start logcat and watch how sound and events correlate

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It doesn’t per chance coincide with an error message saying something about kotlin null pointer exception? In this case thered be a fix.

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