Anonymous login failed!

Hi everyone,

I face a ‘Anonymous Login Failed!’ error when searching for Updates on Apps Lounge app.
The complete error is:
‘Anonymous Login Failed!
This can be because token could not be generated / verified or other reasons.’

Does anybody know how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help,

/e/OS 1.9-20230312268823 (12 March 2023) on Samsung Galaxy S9

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Try go to settings, then LogOut.

Thx @smu44
When I logout and I try log back in again as anonymous I face the same error.
I don’t want to login with a Google account obviously.
And I can go for the last option which is something like (I don’t remember it properly sorry): ‘update only open source apps’.
If I do this it works, I now can update my apps, but they don’t all show up, so it’s not ideal.

You may need to check/disable Advanced Privacy 'Hide my IP".

Sorted: ‘Hide my IP’ was already disabled, but my VPN was on (I use ExpressVPN). So I disabled ExpressVPN and I was able to log back in again.


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