Another Google Play app missing from the App Lounge

I’ve seen other posts about missing apps in the App Lounge.

The app I found missing is LAN drive…

You can find this app in the App Lounge if you put the package name in the search bar

but when i try to install it, i get this error :

I did a little test.
When logging into my Google account the app can be installed. Went back to Anonymous and it was still installable. Maybe only because it was cached.

On another /e/ device the app can be installed with Google but this time I did not do so. Logged out and logged in with Anonymous.
INSTALL button is now N/A and app cannot be installed.

The app showed up and installed for me searching fr.webrox.landrive (/e/OS version 1.10-s-20230412278810-stable-FP4).

I have never logged into a google account using App Lounge, but I have downloaded and installed the .apk from softonic earlier (not sure if that would have any impact).