Another keyboard with suggestions and emojis for /e/


I dont know how i must explain this in english, but i will give it a try.

On the standard keyboard of /e/ i miss seriously the upper bar with word suggestions and also the emojis. It should be make typing a little bit easier and faster. Also i miss the autofill option on forms like Google has. (but maybe that tools are not good for the privacy)

So is there an app or possibillity to change that keybord for another keyboard with these options?

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:netherlands: Instellingen -> Systeem -> Talen en invoer -> Virtueel toetsenbord -> Android-toetsenbord (AOSP) -> Tekstcorrectie

:uk: But maybe you can try an alternative (opensource) keyboard like Openboard, almost the same like ASOP keyboard but with a few more settings (like adding a emoji key)

or AnySoftKeyboard which has a lot of extra settings…

(both apps are available in the /e/ Apps store)

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Hi @MichielP80

I have the upper bar word suggestions and emojis on my default /e/ keyboard.

Using the message app the keyboard looks like this:

And by pressing down the blue arrow in the bottom right, it brings up the emoji menu, like this:

Are neither of the above working for you?
Can you post some screenshots?

Hello Mike,

You´re right that it works on the massage apps and some other apps.
But when i go to my browser and other apps the upper bar do not show.

When you type in your emailadres or some other words with Gboard, you can click the suggestions in the upper bar. Also the autofill option in adres/contact forms are empty.

I have tryed to download the Brave browser, but that doesn´t make sense.

I did a quick test and i have the same problem with standard keyboard, looks like a bug??

With Openboard ‘suggestions’ are working fine in my browser.

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Hi @MichielP80

In the browser, if you are doing a search in the url bar and have search suggestions turned on, the suggestions could be just as good (if not better) than a having individual word suggestions pop up. I dont use my phone browser to complete forms, so can’t say if firefox does auto complete forms like you mention, but would be surprised if it doesn’t.

On the apps side, you mention word suggestions works in some apps but not others, can you give examples of apps it doesnt work in? Is it possible these apps dont have this functionality? For example it works in Telegram, so technically this functionality exists in /e/, and maybe it is up to the app whether it is implemented? I’m just guessing here :thinking:

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Thanks for your pictures, but this is not a good solution for me.
I downloaded the app Openboard now and that will make me happy.
In the setting you can add the emoji button and in the settings of /e/ i can add personal words.
So i think this will help me a lot.

Thanks for helping!

Thanks for the app! Thats what i need.
In the settings of the app i can add the emoji button and in the settings of /e/ i can add personal words.
So i am glad!

You can do a long press on enter key and get Smiley’s.