Another reason for degoogled phone - Battery life!

I have an old PixelXL which would only last either 30 min or maybe 4 hours. Very finicky. Anyhow, I put a new battery in and now it last days! Without unlocking the phone, it actually it lasted 10 days before it started to complain. I’ve had it on five days without charging and it’s not even at 50%, but I am not using it as a phone.

I’m wondering if the main reason it lasts so long is due to the fact that the phone is not constantly syncing with Google services, etc.

I would have never thought a phone would last so long. But if so, then perhaps it’s another selling point for degoogling (un-googling) your phone!

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Sure, that’s no secret. It’s especially a problem if you don’t have a proper wifi around and the device sends all this crap again and again to Google over cell network which really costs a lot of energy because of the bigger distance to the antenna needs much more sending power. It costs even more energy if the used cell network is more “modern” (5G or 4G instead of 3G or 2G), speed is expensive.

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