Answering machine voice messages

Hi everyone! I can’t find the voice messages people leave me when they call me and I don’t answer the phonecall. I don’t even know how it’s calked in english. In french we say the “answerer” which is the name of the answering machine but also the name of the “box” where you’ll find the voice messages.
So where is that box on the phone?

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Unless your network provider offer a specific app (i.e. “Messagerie Vocale” from Orange), you’ll have to dial the voicemail number (you can associate it to a long-press on 1 in dialpad, using settings in Phone app).

You can easily find the short numbers for France, here for example : Tous les numéros de messagerie vocale / répondeur mobile - Lecoindunet

Ok, so there is no visual voicemail app on F-droid?

None I’m aware of.

Just to be clear: messages are stored by your provider, not on your phone.
There are 2 possibilities to manage them:

  • provider provide you with an app to visually manage your voicemails (this will often use data, i.e. 4G or WiFi)
  • provider don’t, you’ll have to use the old fashioned way by dialing the special number

Ok, thanks for the explanation. So I called my provider, and they say that there is an app for Android but it’s on the playstore, and I was hoping that Fdroid would provide a clean version of this app, but it doesn’t seem so. So as you say, I’ll come back to the old fashion way. :slightly_smiling_face:


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