Any alternatives to Android Auto?

My car radio doesn’t include the connect feature but I do like the Android Auto phone dashboard. I’d feel a little lost without it to be honest!

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Closest thing I can remember, but wouldn’t recommend it as it contains loads of goolag trackers…

Oh and theres also this project on XDA, though I havent tested for trackers and you need a second device to run it together.

Theres a project called OpenAuto which aims to provide an Android Auto experience on the Raspberry Pi. Maybe that is something for you:

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Sorry to bring back this subject but my family is planning to buy an electric car in the first trimester of 2021 and i guess that most of the cars now bring Android Auto!? No alternatives yet? And if there were, change the software of the panel is possible? wouldn’t make us loose warranty?

I’m interested in such alternative too; I didn’t find anything with acceptable Exodius score … (including AutoMate - Car Dashboard, and Cardroid)