Any difference from deleting an app from the homescreen and using an uninstaller?

I assume, that deleting an app icon from the homescreen, deletes the app, but I have seen Android uninstaller apps, like Uninstall by Diya -

Whats the correct way/best way to delete?


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I always prefer inboard tools. You can also proceed by:

Settings >Apps > Name > Uninstall

Both action (from screen or from settings) generally keep parts of its datas folder. In the ‘Settings’ way you can choose to delete its datas first, then uninstall.

Using the Uninstall command from home screen / launcher apps which support it (e.g. Omega, Lawnchair) will also uninstall the app (using the same mechanism as Settings > Apps.

But using the Remove command will only remove the shortcut / icon from the home screem without uninstalling it.


Pixel 4a, e/ 18

I am installing my own Calendar etc.

I do not get an option on the Home screen to remove app icons. Holding down on an app makes then all quiver but when I drag, no “Remove” option appears.


Sounds like you are using the default Bliss launcher, which does not support this operation from the Home screen. If that is the case then you need to follow the alternative uninstall process mentioned above

Thanks, I had already tried that but there is no option, “Open,” “Disable”-(grayed out) and “Force Stop.”

I now remembered why I moved to LOS, can’t have he Home screen and/or apps as I want it all. I had forgotten about that dumb-Weather thing and needing a new Launcher. I just don’t get it.

I recall bitching about this a year or more back and saw some very recent posts here from others bitching still.

Bummer lost all my LOS settings but will be going back today. Thanks for trying to help though. The Backup-all Scripts did not work with LOS as the Restore-all script hung restoring to LOS about 2-minutes in. Some 20-Minutes later still no action, so pulled the plug and installed e/.

Now regretting at leisure, if’n it ain’t broke … {grin}


You mean for default system apps… Yes, you can’t uninstall.

But you can disable with adb, for ‘user 0’ (I will edit to share forum’s link, from PC).

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