Any experience with NetIQ Advanced Authentication app?

Hello, /e/ community :slight_smile:

Today, I’ve tried this app (from Aurora Store), on my employer’s recommandation for a “better” 2-factor authentication experience (I currently use SMS as the 2nd factor for the moment, and could well go on with it). Of course, after scanning it though ClassyShark (nothing detected).

But as it uses some kind of push notifications in the process of declaring an “authentifier” device (my /e/-powered smartphone) … I didn’t go very far, the phone never getting the notification from the web site.

2 questions :

  • is it “safe” to use this app in your opinion (as far as my privacy is concerned) ?
  • is there some settings somewhere I could change to make the push notification come to me, AND my phone still stay google-safe and private ?

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

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You could try how this app réaction un front of TrackerControl (now on f-droid)