Any possibility to get the text red in the forum?

any possibility to get the text red in the forum?

this should work


but this not - when it is not the whole line, when I want to use it in a table <font color="red">This text is red!</font> or in the text

This text is red!

Make this text blue.

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Because you normally write in Markdown my idea was to use plain HTML like this:

... <u style="color:red;">text in red</u> ...

And indeed you can use tags like <i> or <b> here in the text but the addition of a style attribute seems not to work. I used the <u> tag here as example but it does also not work with <p> or <span> or <code>.

From Markdown reference : Hacks | Markdown Guide

see the upper post - I have used your suggestion

but I have before tried all the html styles I know and I found in the internet and it did not work…

Markdown itself seems not to be one agreed-upon standard, and then which HTML tags a particular forum will allow additionally is another matter.
If it doesn’t work here, it doesn’t work here.