Anyone else having a problem with the latest update to Wire?

For several days now, attempts by App Lounge to install the latest update of Wire fail at the [Installing…] stage, which then turns into [ Retry ]. Each day there is a new prompt saying there are new apps to install. I turn off auto-install because I like to know what is going on and what is getting installed.

Since the version in App Lounge (3.81.35) comes from F-Droid not the Google Play Store, I can only assume that the usual procedure to remove the Countly tracker from the Google version 3.81.35 have interfered somehow with the codebase causing repeated failures to install. But if there is someone here who actually knows what they are talking about, it would be good to hear from you. :wink:

I confirm, same problem since a few days, unable to install Wire from App Lounge.
P.S. I don’t use automatic updates in background.


Well, it disappeared from AppLounge for a day or two, then reappeared today. I installed it successfully, but now the app crashes when it starts and simply won’t start up at all. This is version 3.81.36.

Rebooting phone doesn’t help either.

I tried uninstalling it, rebooting and installing it from F-Droid. Same problem, which isn’t really a surprise since I think AppLounge gets it from F-Froid anyway.

At least I could still use it before the update. Now it is unusable, since I cannot now re-install the older (working) version.

I might have to bite the bullet and get it via Aurora Store, even though that version will have the Countly tracker in it.

[suspenseful music plays…]

Well, it did install from Google via Aurora, and it does have the Countly tracker in it. Also, it is version 3.81.35 (one less than the F-Droid/AppLounge version). Definitely seems that the “get rid of the tracker” process has broken something.

It’s less than ideal, but hopefully this version will be overwritten by a tracker-free version when that one lands (hopefully soon). :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for your comments. I will wait for the next update, maybe it will fix this issue.