Anyone know a tracker-free SMS app that does emoji?

A rather frivolous question, but I used to use the Silence SMS app which was very nice. Trouble is, it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

One thing I liked about it was the emoji that are available in it. In the Messages app that is pre-installed in /e/ I can’t seem to access emoji. I know I can use Signal for this, but sometimes it is good to compartmentalise messaging. Many’s the time I have accidentally replied from the second number my dual-SIM phone has.

So, am I missing something? Does the Messages app actually do emoji? If it does, I can’t seem to access it. If not, does anyone know of one that has no trackers embedded in it? This is my new policy around installing apps. It’s remarkable how many have far too many!

Signal? (… ← 20 more characters)

Long (ish) touch the enter key and emoji options pop up?


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Like I said:

Hence my question.

Yes, the default messaging app on all ROMs and Android versions can access emojis by long-pressing the ENTER/SEND key.
In some (old) versions the emoji button would be default instead of ENTER/SEND (always a major annoyance for me if there was no way to change that).

Actually, accessing the system emojis is generally a keyboard function in this case. The standard Android messaging app doesn’t come with its own emoji set.
So, if you are using the default keyboard with the default messaging app and not getting emojis (by long press ENTER/SEND, see popup showing emoji button) then that could mean the font providing emojis is not present in the system. Doubtful though.


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