Anyone successfully install /e/ on a brand new OnePlus 7T (T-Mobile)?

I have a brand new OnePlus 7T (T-Mobile unlocked HD1097) that I’ve tried three different ways to install /e/ OS onto it.

I don’t need to save any data however two out of three sets of directions I’ve found tell me to do the TWRP step.

I’ve watched some other videos on installing differents ROMs on a Oneplus 7T phone but they use “Magisk” and those direction are nowhere similar to the /e/foundation directions for install.

I’ve tried the /e/ foundation directions but am getting stuck at the “fastboot oem unlock” stage in the directions and my Windows PC won’t see the phone unless I start the phone normally and then run the command line (cmd.exe) and then run “adb devices”. If I try the next steps “adb reboot bootloader” it does bring the phone to the fastboot mode screen (yay!) but when I go to the next step to verify it’s connected or the “fastboot oem unlock” -things stall out. (boo-hiss)

Anyone Stateside follow the /e/foundation directions and successfully get this OS to install?

I really believe in /e/foundation’s mission so I’m bummed I can’t make it work.

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Hi @EBewStyr0550 and welcome. When you are in fastboot mode, do you get the ‘Please flash unlock token first’ message like the one shown below?

Please flash unlock token first

If so, you’ll need to get the unlock token for your device from OnePlus (even though the device is (allegedly) “unlocked”! This can be requested here:

You’ll need your device-specific code which can be obtained with the following command while in fastboot: fastboot.exe oem get_unlock_code

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Hello MCMD,

Nope, I do not get any messages regarding unlock tokens. I get this: (please see screenshot)

The steps on the command window do allow me to turn on the Fastboot mode on the phone. Any suggestions?


I may have solved the riddle. I had to turn off developer mode on my OnePlus phone and then reconnect it to my windows 10 PC. Then my PC discovered the OnePlus pre-loaded USB drivers which I had to install. I rebooted the PC for safe measure. I’m going to attempt the /e/ installation again tomorrow.

I hope so. If it doesn’t work, I just noticed that your specific model device number of HD1097 is not on the list of supported models: HD1900, HD1901, HD1903 or HD1905 which can be verified here. Scroll down to bottom of page on the right. Good luck!

Any suggestions as to other ROMs that might work on HD1097 model? I strongly dislike Google and want a degoogled OnePlus phone as much as possible. Thanks for the feedback so far.

Not that I’m aware of, I’m afraid. Custom ROMs are very device-specific/sensitive, as I understand mostly due to certain chipsets that are used in each one. You may consider exchanging your device for one that’s on the supported devices list if at all possible if your goal is a deGoogled device.

More than likely there are a number of ROMs available.
Start here…

OnePlus 7T XDA

You mentioned an unlocked phone. That may refer to SIM unlocked or bootloader unlocked. I’m thinking the former.

For my T-Mobile OnePlus 8T I converted the firmware to the Euro firmware and then was able to unlock the bootloader without a code from OnePlus.
There are similar conversion threads in the guides section from the link above.
Peruse the threads in the Guides section and read carefully for what you might want/need to do.

This thread in particular may be useful…

T-Mobile 7T Conversion to International WITHOUT unlocked bootloader/SIM unlock!

From there you can move on to checking out ROMs.

Besides your model number, also know your device’s name which may be important.

BTW, what @chrisrg mentioned in the other thread might be doable.
For instance, my 8T is a KB2007 kona. The ROMs, TWRP, etc. are mostly for the KB2005 kebab. After my conversion I have flashed several ROMs and am currently on crDroid with microG.
Even though /e/OS probably wouldn’t flash on your device as it is, if it were converted to the hotdogb (Euro?) firmware then it would be identified and seen as such. /e/OS as well as other ROMs could then be tested.

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