Anyone tested Session the signal based messenger without MetaData?

Any comments on the Session messenger app?
Seems based on @SignalMessenger but with special attention paid to remove meta.

Here is their “White Paper” to explain what it is

Yes I tried it on my phone and the desktop (Linux) app. You can easily tell it has been out recently :

  • the desktop app has a lot of bugs, the window was too big for my screen and I couldn’t resize it, a lot of actions aren’t working, etc.
  • On the Android app it was better, but when I tried to make it bug, I succeeded, a message has been lost and I never received it (I set up an account on the desktop and another account on the phone).
  • And finally when I wanted to delete everything (the Session ID) by clicking on the big red button, it turns out I just need to enter my recovery words to go back into my “account” and see my Session ID. So you can’t delete the Session ID even if it says it will be deleted.

So the only positive points are :

  • You don’t need to enter email or phone number, and that’s a really good thing. It can be useful when you want, for whatever reason, talk to someone you don’t know without giving up any personnal data, and just delete the “account” once it’s done.

  • It’s decentralised, there is no a big server somewhere that can be shut down.

  • On Android, I don’t have a persistent notification like with Signal and I receive correctly the notifications.

But it lacks a lot of features from Signal like audio and video calls, the maximum size of files is not as much as with Signal, and so on.

In a few years it might be something very interesting if every Signal features are implemented.

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This is a promising project. Right now there seems to be something with the update from the e apps store.
I’m afraid this app might be a bit too complicated to set up for the average user. Hopefully it will get more intuitive.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback.

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