Anyone with knowledge of iphone trackers

I try to show people how exposed to trackers they are when using their phone. For Android I know of the tools etc. and can show them the results of things like the exodus-privacy report to convince them of the tracking / data mining going on. However for iPhone I don’t have as much knowledge. Is there a service similar to exodus for the iPhone? Do iPhone apps have as many trackers? Any other tools I can use to convince people their activity is being monitored?

Thank you!

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iPhones are really bad too, like Google Android. Funny thing is that they are trying to present the iPhone as some kind of “privacy protecting device” :smiley: Tell iPhone users about the creepy Frequent Locations feature. “Frequent Locations: Stores the frequency with which you visit certain locations, and the time spent in each place. If you go into this menu, you’ll either think it’s really cool, or really creepy: it has a list of your most frequently visited places, and how many times you’ve been there.”

I know where it is, it’s well hidden in the settings menu!

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As I understand it, there’s some kind of firewalls blocking outgoing traffic by trackers’ signatures on iOS.

But what about PC/Mac? Because this threat also exists on the desktop.

Simple, make them pass trough a custom DNS of yours if your router doesn’t have a logs interface.
Something like Pi-hole or NextDns will just show how much it calls home in only a day.