Anysoft keyboard upload fails

I’m using AnySoftKeyboard on my phone with a Dutch language pack. Since a week or two my Apps store indicated there is an update (although the app has been deprecated?). I tried installing it a few times but after download it doesn’t seem to install. Then it remains in my updates list. I’m a bit concerned as when I went to the app it seems it has gotten a very different name now (Israel 64 bday theme).

It is possible that I installed the keyboard and language pack through Aurora store originally, as I recall there was an issue with installing this in the first place. Is there a way to find out where the app came from and if so, can I remove this language pack from the downloads list (as it would mean I am not using the app and it never installed properly).

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Try Settings > Apps and notifications > Select the app > Advanced > scroll to foot > STORE

Thanks. Somehow it doesn’t show. I have two options one in Shelter. The one outside Shelter says it’s Store is Shelter. The one in Shelter doesn’t show the store. I only have Apps running in Shelter so I guess it must have come from Apps?

I would be looking into the language pack issue.

Did you already check out

It looks like I did install it from Aurora after all. The one from Apps is not in my app list and with the changes I’m a bit concerned as to where it went… since apparently my Apps store does think I have it installed… Is there a chance that it’s an unsafe app if it’s in the Apps store? If it’s a faulty installation how can I access it?

I cannot comment on shelter, it is possible that is involved.

My guess is that Anysoft keyboard has upgraded, but you installed a “version” (I see many by “unknown”) that included your language pack, and your version is some how “left behind”.

as when I went to the app it seems it has gotten a very different name now (Israel 64 bday theme)

If it’s a faulty installation how can I access it?

So if you are in any way unhappy with it, I imagine you would just uninstall it, the usual Android way.

Yes that would be the logical thing to do. However the problem is this app didn’t install well in the first place, and I can’t find it in the app list.

I imagine there must be some trace of the app on my phone though as the Apps store keeps wanting to update it. The update doesn’t work but I can’t seem to remove the app from the update list either.

I previously said I could not comment on the Shelter element … this is the way I would think about solving the problem, perhaps you should look for some corroborating advice!?

Are you familiar with the abd shell pm comand?. I wondered how this would respond in a shelter environment. I found this Reddit self-solved post How do I uninstall a Work application from ADB? - just an idea :slight_smile:

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