(AP) Recovery provided by /e/ not working

Hi /e/ users,

Today, I tried to flash my samsung galasy s4 value edition: jfvelte, using the instructions on page: Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Value Edition (GT-I9515/L) - “jfvelte”

So I downloaded the by /e/ provided bootloader, and I installed odin3 v3.13.
I used the provided command to convert the .img file to .tar.
But when select the tar file provided by /e/ (in the AP field). I click on Start, and odin hangs and doen’t come futher then the File analysis check.

Odin doen’t go further then the following message:
ID:0/005 File analysis…

Since I followed all necessary steps, does this image work correctly?


I think you misunderstood the instructions, there is no bootloader provided by /e/ you must keep the Samsung’s one.

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

Under the heading “Downloads for the jfvelte”, is stated:

So It looks to me that they included a recovery file, and a /e/ os build.
With the bootloader I mean the recovery file, sorry.

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