APN Not Staying Set on Teracube2e

I am having a problem with 2 Teracube 2e phones, both purchased from the Murena store and belonging to my Father and Mother.
They are both on Good2Go Mobile, using the AT&T network. There were no issues until just last night. They both started having this problem at the same time (or at least, roughly the same time, I’m not sure exactly). Notably, it is just these two phones. My sister, who has a Moto G7, does not have this issue.

After examining it, I found that if I went into the APN settings and selected the correct
APN for Good2Go mobile, it fixed the issue. But sometimes after a restart the APN setting is unselected (it shows no APN as being selected), and it says “No Signal – Emergency Calls Only.” And if the phone is not restarted, it sometimes will unselect the correct APN after awhile. If I go into the settings and select the correct APN, it works for awhile, and then goes back to no APN being selected.

I tried resetting the APN settings, and starting over, but it didn’t help.

Does anybody have any ideas? This has got me baffled.

For purchases you can also contact the murena support mail to open a case, but hard to tell if Carrier behaviour plays into this.

APN settings can get reset if the entered mcc/mnc ID pairs do not fit the actual SIM cards, but doesn’t read like this happened as it used to work for a long time. There wasn’t a change to “Good 2Go Mobile” in the xml APN settings between versions either, so shouldn’t relate to an Update.

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Well, the one phone seemed to stop having the issue. (At least frequently.) I factory reset the other phone, and so far so good. Still not sure what on earth caused the problem, though.

carriers can send APN configs to devices (“OMA-CP” - Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning). I don’t know the current practices to this if this is still used or carriers rely on vendors to distribute up-to-date- APN configs. It’s possible you got sent one that didn’t apply to you. Question is what were the erroneous APN settings as you found them before correcting, maybe note them down next time, ask your carrier if they do send out OMA-CPs.

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The one for Good2Go that was shipped with the Teracube was wrong. I had created one based on Good2Go’s instructions. They did change one thing: the second field was PRODATA, and now is RESELLER.

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