APP app crashes

The /e/ APP app :wink: crashes when I go to categories and look at the listed apps. When i scroll down after 4-5 “scrolls” the app crashes on latest /e/ nougat on Samsung I9300.

I think you don’t have the new version of the Apps store, right ?
In that case, wait for it.

I dont know which version is the newest :wink: But i will wait if the strange app behavior is known :slight_smile:

/e/ is my first custom rom on a phone i own. And it is realy a great alternative to these other kinds of “spy phones” :slight_smile:

New version also crashes on S7.

The V2 looks like this :

This bug has been reported and is the same on my i9300. I dont know how long they will take to fix it.

/e/ Apps v1.1.6


The current version 1.1.6 of /e/ Apps Store works fine on my S7 “herolte”.

I’ve just installed four apps: F-Droid Store, Telegram FOSS, TrackerControl and VLC. And immediately I received updates for OpenKeychain, Telegram FOSS and VLC.

/e/ Apps v1.1.6 works fine for me also on other systems.

To avoid confusion : the V2 (the new version) of Apps is the 1.1.6
Not logical I know

Good to know. I myself have assumed that a version 2.0 aka V2 will be released soon.

I have 1.1.6, that is the one crashing.

My apps is also1.1.6

The app “Apps”, Version 1.1.6 keeps crashing on my S7, SM-G935F too. Though till now I could install anything I actually wanted to install.

But when I brows the catalog, and tap on an app to read more about it, it crashed maybe one times out of four. Sometimes I am just thrown back to the catalog, sometimes the app “App” quits and I have to reopen it.

Please tell me I someone wants a more detailed description of this crashing behavior.

@Francis.r and @c11f you could report it as a bug at