App ask to download it from Play Store

Hi there.
I’m trying out eOS on my spare device, a OnePlus 3, and so far all seems good.

But I have a major issue. I can’t find an app I need neither on the App Lounge nor on the F-Droid Store. The app is LibreLink, to scan my CGM. So I’ve downloaded the apk via APKPure on my pc, then transferred and installed it on my phone.

When I open the app, there’s a message saying something like (i’m translating from Italian): “Install this app from Google Play”. If I click OK, the app quit.

Any possibility to make it works? Because it would be a deal breaker for me.

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you can try to download it form Aurora OSS store

Sadly, even in the Aurora Store, and I do not know why, the app (LibreLink) is not there.

I could also not find in the Playstore - are you sure this app is still available. Aurora have same apps as in Playstore

Yes, I’m positive (Play Store link).
I used to use it on my Android Phone and now on my iPhone.
I found the Switzerland version on the Aurora Store, but it gives back the same error.

I found the app in the App Lounge, but it 's the Belgian version

ah ok got it- its available but does not start. Seems like the apps does not like MicroG.

You can also write your issue here:

Thanks. I report the app not working also there.