App context menu on long press

Greetings everyone,

One of the things I miss from my old oneplus phones is the ability to get a context menu when long pressing on an app, allowing me easy access to the settings menu for the app where I can force close an app for example, or access some quick settings within an app.
It also exists on apple, which was the best place I could find an example.

Would this be reasonable to add to /e/os’s launcher? I’m guessing the uninstall button could be moved into said context menu as well, or could be switched to the standard android setup of having it at the top of the screen and allowing apps to be dragged into it.

Maybe I’m missing something and I can enable this functionality.


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I use Apex Launcher Classic. This launcher (and probably others) have what you are looking for. It is highly customizable too but never complex.

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