App doesn't find location


I got a tip to install the GPS RPG game “Orna” on my /e/ phone. The app is available from the default app store, so I installed it. However, it can’t find my location - it appears to not even ask for it. Even after following the advice here, the app is stuck on “waiting for location”. It has the permission to ask for location, and location services are enabled, of course.

When I go to Settings -> Location and see which apps have requested my location, there are only three apps that show:

  • Fused location
  • Bliss launcher
  • Magic earth

I suspect “Fused location” acts on behalf of other apps requesting location, eg. Orna, but I can’t really tell if this is the case. It should be noted that Magic earth finds my location in a snap.

I don’t expect every app to work in every way, but I would like to find out what the issue really is here. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

I just installed the game, started it and it found my location almost immediately. To help us help you, some more information would be helpful. Please can you tell us

  1. What make and model of phone you have?
  2. What version of /e/ software you are running?

Thanks. I have an Asus Zenfone 3, /e/ version 2020120889008 (Android 9). My experience with /e/ on this phone is very good, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t work apart from this little snag.

It seems other installed apps have problems finding the location as well, eg. the forecast service “Yr”. This applies even if permissions are granted.

More research: The pre-installed apps seem to ask for location successfully on this phone. User-installed apps don’t show up in the list of apps that have requested location.

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