App for viewing external UVC camera

Are there suggestions for a decent app for viewing a USB/OTG-connected UVC webcam, endoscope/borescope?

There are many questionable apps for this available from Play Store but I’m reluctant to install them.

Preferably something on F-Droid, or at least open source, or at the very least not requiring excessive permissions or having privacy/security concerns.

If you are not running Q, I found OTG View running fine.
It has no ads, only one tracker (not Google).
Name : com.dingtai.snakecamera
Exodus report :
It is provided by a camera manufacturer (TeamForce, TW).

Also working for me is USB Camera, it has no tracker but I found it way too limited.
Name :
Exodus report :

I got both from Google Store using Aurora, I found nothing usable in F-Droid.

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Thanks for the suggestions and for including the full app names! There are so many apps with the same or similar names which seem suspect for malware.

USB Camera Standard ( seems ok for basic functionality, but I can’t find a way to change resolution. It seems stuck on 480p.

OTG View (com.dingtai.snakecamera) is much nicer and allows choosing the resolution. The downside is the much expanded permissions list and a tracker (a push notification service?).

These look like decent solutions. I got them via Aurora too. It’s too bad more privacy-friendly options don’t seem to exist in F-Droid.