App geolocation that doesn't work

Hi, is there any way to solve the apps problem that can’t geolocate me?

Please can you elaborate which /e/ ROM /build/ device and app you are using.

Xiaomi Mido last /e/

  • com.posteitaliane.spim

Was this app working earlier or have you recently installed them. Could be a MicroG Issue. Will need logs to find out what is happening. Please raise in Gitlab attaching the logs.

It could just be Android. I have seen problems with Android 7 and gps on multiple phones, with official Android, LineageOS, and /e/. Including the OnePlus 3T I bought specifically to use with /e/.

now, after last /e/ update, are working

Last week-end I was 100% unable to get geolocation working both in /e/ Magic Earth, and OsmAnd.
It is not the first time, and I still don’t understand why, and I don’t know what I can do in such situation?
Often the other issue I have, when I open such application, is to see my previous location where I was living 2 months ago … How to ask/request/force location update?!