App Lounge "Anonymous Login failed!"

The App Lounge does not work anymore. When opening it shows “Anonymous Login failed!”. It seems to be connected to the common apps, as when I disable “Show common apps” this message disappears, but the functionality is then obviously limited.
When using the app without login, it crashes when searching for an app

I am using a Samsung Galaxy 7 with /e/OS 1.6-20221129238948, App Lounge-Version is 2.4.1

Having the exact same issue.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, /e/OS 1.6-20221129238948, App Lounge 2.4.1.

When opening App Lounge I get “Anonymous login failed!” with the following error:

Validating AuthData failed.

Success: false
Validation network code: 0

This has been for the last few days, the error was a network 500 error at one pint, but now it’s this.

Interestingly Aurora Store also has stopped working, it validates a new anonymous session, logs in then never loads anything.

Same problem here on a Fairphone

Did you try to clear cache and data of the app? Are you using advanced privacy → hide IP? If yes, did you try to disable that?