App Lounge: Apps missing

FP3 running the latest e/OS/ version:

Several apps are missing in the App Lounge.

  1. Why?
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Could you please provide them?
  3. How does the Applounge work?
  4. Is there an independecy from Google foreseeable?

Examples for missing Apps:
‘Meine Pegel’,
‘Polar Flow App’ (‘fi.polar.polarflow’; version 7.16.0 from Sep 11, 2023),
‘Polar Beat’ (‘fi.polar.beat’; version 3.5.6 from May 29, 2023),
Komoot (‘’, version 2023.37.3 from Sep 12, 2023),

Komoot is OK here:

Okay an thank you! - But not alll is solved right now.

I find all kind of apps now as well, after I activated in settings ‘update apps installed from other app stores’.
But what does this mean? From which sources should I have installed them?? I know only from very few examples like Threema, which I tokk from their site.
Please let me know and WHO CAN ANSWER my other questions, which would make these issues clear.

Some updates fail yet with an error message about guide lines of my location?!

I can’t find the saulala raw photo developer in app lounge. It is open source, and it is in google play here: I have no fake location or ip spoofing enabled.

Use the package name to search : com.saulala.saulala

Thanks. It is not installable on my fp 3 with /e/os though, it requires android 13 :\

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