App Lounge crashing when browsing

Hi, today I flashed latest update 0.23 on my Poco F1 and sadly I have noticed the new App Lounge is crashing when you choose any FOSS Category. It doesn’t matter if its apps or games. As soon I select, the App will crash.

I encountered this too. Bugs like this can be reported at E’s Gitlab, where the developers are. To create a new /e/OS Gitlab ID pl send a mail to and the team will help you further.

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App Lounge 2.0.0 crashing when I tap on application updates. Cleared memory and cache but still crashing on a Samsung S5+ SM-G901f, v0.23

Addendum: After installing one app via App Lounge no more crashes

Add2: Playing as a guest in the app Quizduell and getting my 10 free tickets it crashed and did ~6 automatic reboots until usable again. At least it cured itself without user intervention and after another try it worked flawlessly until some other random crashes ;- )

…and on top of that it crashed after ending the game and staring at the home screen…so in conclusion this phone seems quite unusable or my usecase is too specific ;- )

Epilog: After deleting the only app I installed, App Lounge starts again crashing if I tap on updates. To makes things more complicated: With one installed FOSS app it also keeps crashing, after installing the afore mentioned Quizduell again choosing updates won’t crash.

To be not completly OT: I can confirm the FOSS category crash, #5187

Crashing of Quizduell was caused by a faulty battery!