App Lounge does not display app information

Recently, I have a problem with the App Lounge: When I click on an app, no information about it is displayed. Instead, a white screen appears. This is not a big problem, because I can still install apps, but it is still annoying.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any way to fix the problem?
Thanks for replies in advance!

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Did you try to clean cache (and maybe even data) of the app lounge app?

Yes, but that’s what caused the problem to arise in the first place. Before that, I had the apparently already known problem in the community that the App Lounge could not be started. I cleared the cache and data to fix the problem. After that the App Lounge started again, but since then I have this new problem. I tried clearing data and cache again, but without success.

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Do you block some connection? (firewall, PiHole, advanced privacy :wink: , … )?

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No, I only block trackers with Advanced Privacy and disguise my location, but that should be fine. I do not have “Hide my IP” turned on.

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Agreed, but we cannot be sure Advanced privacy is out of the loop! This (slightly unrelated image) from my Bliss “widget window” does not reflect reality to me:

Maybe I missed something else(?) … but my /e/ account is alive and active.

This particular issue seemed to start from my “Clear data” instruction in Advanced privacy; I am left uncertain that I am seeing correct and full compartmentalisation.

The connection with the OP subject is: we find App Lounge needs a clear line of contact and your line of contact might still be compromised within your device.

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