App Lounge doesn't work

App lounge always gives me back “certain network error”. Although my network is working (Browser, other apps). I enabled to see traffic in status but there isn’t any. Weird.

Indeed, the problem is known and technicians are working on it:

The issue may be related to /e/ servers.

A temporary workaround is to logout anonymous session in app lounge and login with a Google account…

Don’t have a G account. It seems sometimes available, but not stable. An most of the time not. But good to know it’s under inspection. :wink:

The problem unfortunately still exists. 1.14-s20230815320616-stable-FP3

I am still having this issue, for a while now. The workaround of updating apps via Aurora Store seems to cause a security issue that prevent some apps from opening (mobile banking for instance)…
This App Lounge issue is a real handicap to simply using eOS, even though I do not have many apps!
I hope it will be investigated a little more…

I haven’t had any major problems with App Lounge since /e/OS version v1.16, which version are you using?

Haha this is where I am currently getting very confused :slightly_smiling_face:
I keep seeing updates about v1.14 to v1.17 in this forum, but my Fairphone tells me I am on version 1.5 (Android 10) and cannot retrieve new updates. Maybe there lie my security issue… but I cannot find any instruction about this so far ! is there somewhere any relevant documentation about this ?

Then you haven’t received any updates for over a year, and I assume that means you also have a DEV version installed on your device (FP3 i think?) since a STABLE version would have already offered you an OTA upgrade.

So you will have to upgrade manually (or use the easy-installer) to have the latest version of /e/OS again. (Don’t forget to take a backup before doing this).


Thank you, I will dive into this soon !

Okay eveything is up to date and I no longer have this issue. :v:
I now have a frequent message “The anonymous account you’re currently using is unavailable. Please refresh the session to get another one.” even though I can see apps on the home screen and browse for new apps. The message is just annoying, especially because when I click on “Refresh Session” I get the message again and again until I “kill” the App Lounge to re open it, and even then the message often keeps coming.

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