App Lounge failing to download "retry"

Hi all,

After downloading several apps with minor hiccups, I am now having lots of troubles. I’m trying to download openboard key board. After clicking install, it attempts to download, but then fails. I get a “retry” message. I eventually switched to anysoftkeyboard and after about 20 tries, it eventually worked.

I read in a forum that someone had to turn off the privacy VPN to make it work. I did that, but it didn’t immediately make a difference.

Any ideas why the app is struggling for me?


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Just to note … similar reports often arrive on the forum over the weekend or late Sunday, European time. Speculation only, but App Lounge servers might suffer bandwidth issues at times when not nicely human monitored.

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Ahh, that would explain it. It helps to know. Thanks.

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Is this the only reason why the installation fails, or can this also be caused by advanced privacy settings?
Context: The download seems to work, but the installation is not completed.

Edit: I believe that this error can also be caused by privacy settings, but I do not know for sure as correlation is not causation.


For what it’s worth;
I am seeing the same behavior since upgrading to 1.15-r on a Pixel XL Marlin.
I am also having the same problem with 1.15-s on a Teracube 2e.

Both devices have selected open source apps and PWAs, but common apps not selected. IP is Hidden in Advance Privacy.

The problem is consistent - any day of the week.

The download progress bar climbs to 100%, then the button immediately changes to Retry. The same thing happens when trying to install other apps. It seems to work OK when Real IP is selected in Advanced Privacy.

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