App Lounge "forgets" Google login

Whenever I login to App Lounge with my Google Account, I only stay logged in for a few hours/days (not 100% sure how long). When opening the app again after some time, I’m logged off and App Lounge gives me a message, that it can’t be logged in again.
I need to provide my Google username/password/TOTP again.

Does anybody experience similar behaviour?
I have a Fairphone 4 with /e/OS preinstalled by Murena, all OS-Updates are installed.

What should be the advantage in use a “gogol account” ?

Some apps seem to have age restrictions and/or geofencing. Some apps I use simply don’t appear in Search results when not logged in with a Google-Account.

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possibly the permanent useraccount isnt fully implemented yet. You can file a bug against the backlog. If you can reproduce with a log its easier to spot the code to change

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You can report the bug on GitLab if it is one. Instructions are here: Report an issue

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Any idea/instructions on how to extract log files? Do I need ADB bridge and PC, or is there an App to extract log or save the log on phone storage?

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I also see this. I couldn’t find any obvious report of this on Gitlab. The next time it happens, I’ll try to capture a log.

I’ve just had this happen again. In the log the first obvious error is:

10-25 09:10:42.308 5359 31025 W GAv4 : Network compressed POST connection error: Failed to connect to

The timestamp is about right. I’ll head over to Gitlab and open an issue about it.

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Do you have a ticket-number you can post here?

Optimally, App Lounge should optionally remember the login and pass, but require a choice to log into it. I just reinstalled my phone (FP3) with stable /e/os, and I have two apps that I paid for, that required me to be logged in, so I will likely very rarely need it :slight_smile: