App Lounge: How is the privacy info updated?

How is the privacy info (trackers, score, …) in App Lounge updated after the update (or creation) of the apps on the play store?
I myself do new scans on exodus, but several days later, the info in App Lounge was still not updated.

(Another question/suggestion: Couldn’t we add a button in App Lounge to launch a scan of the application?)

In source code (, I see that App Lounge doesn’t use the exodus API directly, but uses ecloud. (data synchronization, “simple” proxy, proxy with cache ?)

When I call this API “by hand”, the information is returned correctly. But information in App Lounge is not up to date !

to get a response (“what is the delay…”) you’d probably want to post this to the /e/ gitlab backlog and tag it to AppLounge. I haven’t found a similar issue.

If you have not /e/ gitlab Account yet and get an error, write an email as in Report an issue

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