App Lounge installs v7a versions on v8a, why?

Why does App Lounge install v7a instead of v8a apks?

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if I want to reproduce - on what appid did this occur? I’d guess theres some bundling / packaging detail to it.

dvd - org.yausername.dvd
LibreOffice Viewer - org.documentfoundation.libreoffice
Mull - us.spotco.fennec_dos
VLC - org.videolan.vlc

Edit: It seems to be just some open source apps, not all.

upfront: better use the fdroid client.

/e/ AppLounge goes through its cousin intermediary cleanapk API for fdroid packages (more for historical reasons - it used to channel playstore apks through that API too before going to playstore directly. Have a opinion there but usually threads just derail on that topic).

Now if cleanapk doesn’t catalog more than one arch, you’ll get the one existing - being the arm v7a package - as with all your examples, there wasnt a v8a in the api response (how?)

Couldn’t find an apk with more than one arch to test if the code really can’t pick device arch. It used to if catalogued. I used to look into this.

You can ping at the email address mentioned at and ask if this is intentionally reduced to v7a or create a gitlab backlog issue, someone will read this.

Suggest you create an issue on Gitlab with these app names and the details. I have passed on the details to the developers to check. Will update if there are any inputs.

I use Droid-ify, this is how I realised that I had some apps using the v7a arch. Thanks for the information.

Ok thanks, I’ll submit an issue.

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