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As a system app uninstall/reinstall is not possible, but Clear app data is expected to have the same result.

Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all … apps > App Lounge > Storage & cache > Clear storage

If the document about what information Google can collect from the App Lounge has now been written, could it be linked to here, please, so that users can find it easily? Thanks!

This is the link to the article around calls to Google servers from /e/OS during the setup process


Yes, I would definitely want to know this. I just opened the new App Lounge for the first time, to try to download a new app, and the first thing I see is a rather terrifying (rather than reassuring) long T&Cs page, which, amongst its somewhat rambling wordiness, says that it allows the user “to download applications from the Google Play Store” and “In both cases, the User will have a direct relationship with the Google Play Store”.

I thought that the whole purpose of eOS was to remove any interactions with Google and Google snooping from the eOS version of Android, so I’d rather not have any interaction with the Google Play Store at all (and so the previous app store was perhaps more useful in that way).

But if it is felt necessary to download from the Google Play Store, in order to have access to a broader range of apps(?), I would like to be reassured that if I go ahead and use the App Lounge in ‘anonymous mode’, that Google won’t know who I am (eg, name, email address, eOS account ID) or my phone number or device ID, get its tentacles into contacts, calendar, etc, etc.

It was only through also reading the first post in this thread that I could finally start to understand what the App Lounge T&Cs were actually trying to tell me (perhaps some rewriting/clarification is needed?); prior to that, it was only too easy to see the repeated references to Google Play and ask oneself, “Just what is going on here, if I press ‘Accept’?”.

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this was done multi times md5 checked out etc before install still fails opens window then crashes not even able to see login /not login option etc.
on moto xplay w sd card 16gig i think

If you have a System app which crashes and is non functional, I think you should report an issue – Report an issue.

Perhaps review the open App Lounge issues first Issues Gitlab ~App Lounge; and / or do you experience this App Lounge : Crash observed "FATAL EXCEPTION: DefaultDispatcher-worker-2" (#5930) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab ?

Is anyone else currently experiencing the same bug that occurred in v1.1 where apps can’t be downloaded and installed by App Lounge?

It is, kind of … Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

@AnotherElk Bit offtopic here, but since that thread you linked is locked, I ask anyway…

If someone would like to remove both, default browser and default webview and install bromite + bromite webview to replace those… How could that webview be set as default?

Currently can install bromite webview next to default one (I have f-droid priviledge extension installed), but can’t set it as default.


I don’t know personally, but the internet says

Yes i noticed the same issue since end of july with v1.1-Q on device: FP3 (+ new cam modules).
In the meantime i updated to 1.2-beta.2-q-20220714203648-dev-FP3, but issue is still there.
On every try, download is still working in the background and nothing happens, nor an information.
After a while it stopps and start at once … and so on.
Advanced Privacy just block trackers for me. I investigated a bit more and found that SaftyNet -Test in microG fails every time!
As workaround i’m using Aurora since the issue occurs.

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This is expected behaviour in the dev release channel for now …

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Thanx for hints :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the source of the PWA list in App Lounge?

How can I add a PWA?

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By selecting to display PWA only in App Lounge settings :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean “install” but “add”. How can I publish a PWA that will appear in App Lounge?

As far as I know App Lounge acts as a distributor and is linked to F-Droid and Google Play and maybe others. I seem to remember talk of /e/ distributing apps themselves but I don’t know if it happens. Is your app already published elsewhere?

If you had a proposal you might consider submitting an Issue #Feature Proposal and / or send an email to the Support Email ID of, specifically this API call:


I use Element install from F-droid and i don’t have notification problems

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