App Lounge Missing App

I tried to download the Epoch Times App from App Lounge and it is no longer there. Unless I missed something, this appears to be a major bit of censorship for a popular publication. I cant check Google Play on my phone to see if its there and not app lounge. Any ideas?

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I just found it and installed it from App Lounge.

Perhaps try searching for it by name

Or try delete storage in App Lounge from Settings | Applications and notifications | App Lounge

Well something changed with app lounge then. I searched for epoch times a while back and found it at top of list, now gone. I will try your search. I am not sure that anyone would search using that search term. Thanks!

Followup: Never mind, sorry. Another bad tech bug. Something about deleting storage and cache makes programs fail completely. Hate to be on an airliner and that happens!

Thanks for that - :+1: