App Lounge notifies me on new updates, then finds no updates


I have set App Lounge not to install new updates automatically, but to show a notification when they are available. So I get a notification that says e.g. 10 updates are available, but when I click on it it may only show one update, or none. And when that single update is installed I get a notification that 1 update was installed, and no new are available. Until the next day, when I may get a new notification that 9 updates are available. This happens quite often, but not always - quite irregularly.

I have tried force stopping the App Lounge app and clearing the cache, but it makes no difference. Right now it says there are no new updates, although a few minutes ago it notified me on 14 new updates, but I only updated Firefox. I thought I’d try to check for new updates manually, but I can’t find any button for that. Does it do that automatically when clicking on the Updates tab? Because it just says all apps are up to date. Or does anybody have any other idea what’s going on?

I’m running latest /e/OS on a Google Pixel 5 with no modifications, rooting, or apps installed outside of the App Lounge. Logged in anonymously/no account.

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