App Lounge on other phones


is it possible to use the /e/os default app store “App Lounge” on other android phones without /e/os? The idea of this is very interesting and I would love to use this with my phone as well.

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I think it’s quite impossible, but sure enough you can install f-droid

It kind of works. I extracted the APK from my /e/ device and put it on an old Moto X Pure running LineageOS. The APK installed properly and the app launched and worked perfectly until I went to install an app. When I hit install it downloads the data for the app, but it can’t install as it’s not a privileged app, and it won’t ask for permission to install.

I have a theory that if the APK was pushed to the privileged folder (I forget the actual path), then it might work fully. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THAT THOUGH! Pushing an APK to that folder requires root access via ADB, which can screw with system updates. Lineage had trouble updating when I used to do that with the Aurora Store and their Services files.

So, to follow up on my theory, the /e/ App Lounge is not usable outside of the /e/ rom. I tried pushing to the priv-app folder and even making a permissions xml, but I still couldn’t install apps.

So in short: No, you cannot use the app lounge on other android builds.

That is a pity. Thanks anyway for the info

You can install F-droid and AuroraStore on every devices, so no need of the /e/ App Lounge

I got App Lounge working on a rooted phone by downloading the apk for dev releases and then making it a priv-app using the magisk module App Systemizer in a terminal emulator.

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