App Lounge showing "Google sign in failed!" after being logged in for some time

To get certain apps I need to log into the App Lounge using my Google account. Although doing so is successful, after some time (hours, sometimes days) log in fails, and the App Lounge shows, “Google sign in failed!” Retry fails and it’s necessary to log out and in again.

I can’t find any other reports of this; is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do about it?

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Okay, so what’s really happening, described more accurately, is that App Lounge is signed into my Google account. (This is on a Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact / xzc2.)

At some point, when I go into the App Lounge, it shows, “Google sign in failed! Due to a network error, App Lounge was not able to get Google sign-in data. Log Out / Retry”.

Retry never succeeds. It’s necessary to log out.

Then, if I try to “Sign in with Google” right away, the attempt appears to proceed; I enter username, password, then the confirmation (e-mail with code, in this case) from Google, then confirm the device is for me, but then App Lounge goes right back to the “Welcome” page.

Later, at some point I will be able successfully to log into the Google account again.

Is there some particular log I should look at to see in detail what’s going wrong?

Is your issue addressed on this page? Calls to Google servers – note the App Lounge paragraph on that page and perhaps #app-lounge on the forum.