App Lounge stuck on reddit update

I recently updated to e-OS 1.12.3 (on FP3) so this might be related.
App lounge has updated apps since then. But with the (official) reddit app it got stuck. Since 2 days now a notification is shown with “App Lounge - Installing Reddit”. I tried uninstalling the reddit app hoping the updater would stop and the notification would disappear. But the notification did not go away and now I can’t even install any more apps. I cleared the cache (not the data) of the App Lounge, I restarted but that didn’t help.
When I go into the App Lounge to the reddit app page it is marked as installing.

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We find that you do have to clear data !

I had that issue before 1.12.3 so it is not related. And as @aibd points out only clearing the data helps…

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