App lounge unable to install or update

As with other users who have posted on the forum, i have not been able to use app lounge.

I have attempted remedying this by disabling third party apps and rebooting in safe mode but the problem persists. Prior to doing this I cleared the cache and storage of app lounge. I have also turned off all settings in advanced privacy.

What happens is that the app lounge interface works initially and apps can be located or updates appear available. When I click on ‘update’ ‘update all’ or ‘install’ the names box goes grey and it does not initialise.

My system info

Manufacturer Gigaset
Device GS290
Build no e_GS290-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20230815.225721 dev-keys

Anybody else having the same issue recently?

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You tested with Advanced Privacy all off and using no form of VPN ?

Cheers for the response aibd - good to have your eye on this.

Yes that is correct. At this stage I suspect it is one of two things, the most likely being a corrupted code inside of this particular device. Perhaps a reinstall using easyinstaller and reboot to an earlier configuration might fix things? The other thing it might be is the servers that provide the app lounge in this area are being censored.

Thanks again for your help.

Sorry aibd, by censored I also intimate that the repositories that my device has configured for the app lounge are perhaps offline and the app lounge needs to have an alternative repository that supplies the install or updates to proceed. Hope that makes sense.

I have got App Lounge working again. I needed to ‘log out’ and then clear the storage and the cache data of the app so that I accepted the TOS and then logged back in as ‘anonymous’.

I am not entirely sure how this happened in the first place. My best guess is that when the system updated to e/os (1.14) this caused my ‘anonymous’ login to App Lounge to be ‘logged out’ on reboot.

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