App Lounge using mobile data for updates


I am pretty new to /e/OS, use mine since about 10 days.
I mostly have WLAN and only limited mobile usage. I have 300 MB of mobile data per month.

In shortest time (less than a day, the android settings do not have a fine granular data usage) App Lounge used about 290 MB of my mobile data and therefore the whole month in some hours.
I think some apps were updated(?)

I’m almost all time in reach of a good WLAN. I did not download any app outside of WLAN.
Inside App Lounge, I also have the option activated, to only update in unlimited networks. Original settings name: “Nur in unlimitierten Netzwerken” which should prevent updating apps with mobile data.

Does anybody have an idea what’s happening here?

there are a few threads on “runaway traffic” on mobile data when no traffic should occur, but culprit there was (in documented traffic graph screenshots) eDrive - the file sync service) - not AppLounge.

I think for completeness, post your applounge settings as screenshot (just for checkboxes, language not important). I didn’t see filed backlog issues for applounge traffic issues (nor an open one for eDrive).

Hi @M.F, welcome to this forum.

something like → settings → applications → Applounge


You can still disable background mobile data in the app settings.

Some screenshots from the apps own settings and the mobile data settings of app lounge. I know that I can disable the mobile data for the whole app, but that should not be needed.

I will observe the data usage more closely and hope, that it was my mistake

I’m not talking about disabling all mobile data for App Lounge, but just the background mobile or “Hintergrunddaten” in your case.

But from your screenshots it seems the data was used in the foreground.

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